A new article from Grabska E. & Socha J. (2021): Evaluating the effect of stand properties and site conditions on the forest reflectance from Sentinel-2 time series, PLoS One 16, 1–23.

The importance of the article for the I-MAESTRO Project: 

The information how stand properties and site conditions influence the forest reflectance is very valuable – thanks to this knowledge, satellite imagery can be used to determine the features of stands, such as species composition, stand density, growing stock volume, biomass, or age of trees. Particularly recently, when forest ecosystems are exposed to climate change and disturbances, understanding these relationships and monitoring of forests and their properties using satellite remote sensing, is of crucial importance. The results of this study can be very useful in further research within I-MAESTRO project, for example in determining which stand properties or site conditions increase the susceptibility to forest disturbances.


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