The team from the University of Agriculture in Krakow publish an article written in frame of the project I-MAESTRO – March 2020

Socha, J., Tymińska-Czabańska, L., Grabska, E., & Orzeł, S. publish “Site Index Models for Main Forest-Forming Tree Species in Poland” Forests, 8–10, March 2020.

The importance of the article for the I-MAESTRO Project:

Site productivity is one of strategic information in forest management, which determines the economic and environmental effects of forest management. Site index is a quantitative estimate of the potential of a site to growth of given species and produce plant biomass, therefore remains a fundamental variable in forestry. The site index considers the impact of climate conditions, expressing how the climatic and edaphic factors influence site productivity. Therefore, it is frequently used to analyze how environmental changes affect forest ecosystems.

Developed site index models would be used in I-MAESTRO project in calculations concerning the effect of disturbances on wood production and carbon storage. Development of site index models is the first stage of development indicators characterizing different ecosystem services. Moreover, relationship between site productivity expressed by site index calculated using developed models and intensity of forest disturbances would be used in estimation and mapping of disturbance risk.

Site Index Models for Main Forest-Forming Tree Species in Poland


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