Bauges, France

51,136 ha of public and private forests Species: abies alba, picea abies, fagus sylvatica, other broadleaves 400 plots from PROTEST project 180 plots from NFI Tree data: dbh, species, growth for some trees (cores) Stand data: Forest stand map (Institut National de l’Information Géographique et forestière) Other useful data: Core samples, Lidar data

Milicz, Poland

24,673 ha of public forests Species: pinus sylvestris, quercus petraea/robur, fagus sylvatica 600 permanent sample plots (PSP) plots from REMBIOFOR project Tree data: dbh, height, species, dbh and height growth Stand data: Forest stand maps, map of plot locations, DTM, forest site maps Other useful data: Lidar data, diameter and height increment data from PSP and height increment data for the whole area from repeated Lidar (Airborne Laser Scanning)

Sneznik, Slovenia

5,016 ha of public forest Species: abies alba, picea abies, fagus sylvatica 47 representative stands already defined (ARANGE project) Tree data: species and dbh distribution in each representative stand Stand data: Stands location and area (1,438 polygons)