Luiza Timinska-Czabanska doctoral thesis carried out as part of the I-MAESTRO project, defended in July 2022.

Dr Luiza Tymińska-Czabańska in July 2022 defended her doctoral thesis entitled ‘Innovative methods for modelling stand height growth under changing environmental conditions‘. The defence took place at the University of Agriculture in Krakow. The dissertation was awarded by the Council of the Forest Sciences Discipline UAK.
The dissertation consists of 4 thematically coherent articles. The total IF of the publications included in the dissertation is equal to 19.392.

The aim of the research undertaken within the dissertation was to develop modelling methods allowing for the construction of stand height growth models taking into account the local specificity of site conditions, climatic conditions prevailing during increment periods and stand density. Among other things, Luiza showed in her research that taking into account the local specificity of growth conditions, climatic conditions and tree density in the modelling of stand growth allows for the development of more adequate models, which increases the accuracy of height growth forecasting. In her study, she showed that airborne laser scanning data is useful for calibrating growth models and allows for comparable or better accuracy than models built from ground survey data.

Paper No. 1. Socha, J., Tymińska-Czabańska, L., 2019. A Method for the Development of Dynamic Site Index Models Using Height-Age Data from Temporal Sample Plots, Forests,
(MEiN list 100 pts, IF 2,591)
Paper 2
Socha, J., Tymińska-Czabańska, L., Bronisz, K., Zięba, S. & Hawryło, P. Regional height growth models for Scots pine in Poland. Scientific Reports. 11, 1-15 (2021).
(MEiN List 140 pts., IF 5.134).
Paper no. 3
Tymińska-Czabańska, L., Socha, J., Hawryło, P., Bazy, R., Ciesielski, M., Grabska-Szwagrzyk, E., Netzel, P. Weather-sensitive height growth modelling of Norway spruce using repeated airborne laser scanning data, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Volumes 308-309, 2021, 108568, ISSN 0168-1923,
(MEiN List 200 pts, IF 5.734)
Paper no. 4
Tymińska-Czabańska L., Hawryło, P., Socha, J., Assessment of the effect of stand density on the height growth of Scots pine using repeated ALS data, International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, Volume 108, 2022, 102763, ISSN 0303-2434,
(MEiN list 140 pts, IF 5.933)


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